March 1, 2010

Front Page News

Danish designer and business women, Tine K. made the March 2010 cover with her light filled home.

This is the private residence of Tine K, she and her husband (also her business partner in Tine K Home) lives here along with their children.

While I am a big fan of white painted floors, I must say these shiny dark brown - almost black -
floors are FANTASTIC!!!

A few years back, when visiting Denmark, I picked up one of these silver trays, only in a smaller version, since it had to fit in my suitcase. I have been longing for the large one, and a friend of mine found one for my birthday last year, YEAH! (tx amd)

Texture is what makes this image work for me; the silver tray, the wood shakers, the ceramic containers holding the Asian utensils. Look how beautiful the hole pattern is....
On that same trip back I also picked up six of these soft lavender and white bowls, fortunately they all arrived in one piece!!

What a pretty way to keep everyday items displayed; functional yet beautiful.

Upstairs the floors have been painted white, and a mirror displayed to catch the light.

Great natural light in the bedroom, I could easily sit there writing this blog....

The birdcage has been featured in product shots for the Tine K Home collection, and I guess she couldn't give it up..... never has a feather duster looked so cool!

If you would like to read more, use this link, or perhaps pick up this months Elle Decoration.


Image #1 here,
Image #2 -9 are from my files, some are from the TKH website.


  1. Those glossy floor boards are absolutely divine so impossible to find in Sydney - i have tried!! x

  2. This is SO my style! I'm so glad you posted it. Thanks for the inspiration! lived in Denmark! LUCKY! I lived in Italy for three years....there's something so magical about Europe, isn't there?!

  3. Glad you liked my blog :) Seems we have the same taste in interiors, really LOVE this house!


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