August 17, 2012


... I need new frames! I have had my current glasses for way to many years, so it's time!! I tend to wear my contacts most of the time, but I am starting to find it irritating when my eyes dry out, due to the stress of working on the laptop for long periods of time...

While these cat-eye frames are insanely chic and look amazing, they totally do not work for my face...

... and the super dark / black frames are better left to the brunettes.
I just came across these Vintage Crystal Robert Marc frames on my NYC trip, and they are SO COOL! This is what I had in mind, and these look awesome, so I think it's a go :)

A little while back a came across this Pinterest board, and it brought me to this blog post, which I loved, and it made me look at glasses as a fashion statement again...
I run out to the movies with my glasses on, to the stores and markets, even to see clients from time to time, so why not have a pair I really, really love??

Seeing is believing,

All image credits  via the Northern Light Blog on Pinterest / I See You


  1. Jag gillade bågarna på sista bilden! Välj dom du känner dig bekväm i! Lycka till!

  2. I’ve had the same frames for a few years now too and I have been dying to try something different! I’m particularly loving the frames in the very last pic!


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