August 19, 2012

Rise & Shine People :)

It's Sunday... what better way to start the day than in this bright and cheerful nook?!

I know, some of you were probably expecting the Sunday Flowers post, but I decided on this image today, and look.... it does have flowers too :)

Would you dare to paint a Yellow this bright in your home??
Not me, I can tell you that, I'm not that adventures, LOL!!

Have fun today :)

Image unknown


  1. I love that bright yellow, but no I wouldn't dare... But I wish I did!
    xx Marie

  2. love this bright and cheerful...perfect for a sunday morning... xv

  3. I love a bright nook on a Monday (it's Monday morning here, your future is looking fine!) thanks for dropping in to my blog:)

    Sar x

  4. What a happy space! That bright yellow works so well! Have a great week Natasha :)

    Abbey x


  5. Nice image with the bright wall colour. It's actually not too bright with the framed poster that covers a good space on the wall. It looks great together with the light & white surrounding...energizing. Thanks for sharing :)


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