August 22, 2012

Why (K) not?

There are so many cool hairstyles out there, but why not just do one of these?
Seems to be all that I have been doing lately - it's just so damn hot here in Florida - so why (k)not?

All these styles are so pretty! While this knot is obviously a bit more formal, I am crushing on the hair color!!! The highlights and low lights are amazing, don't you think?

Ok, so just shoot me now.... Birgitte Bardot look-a-like with fantastic hair & a profile to die for... Why (k)not?

I am cutting my hair... that's the only solution, I am never going to get it looking this cool :)

All images via Pinterest


  1. Thanks for the tips! I have my hair dresser next saturday. These hairstyles are fantastic for the hot weather. We have rainy days here in Finland but I´m singing in the rain ;-) My long hair loves rain!

  2. So beautiful stylish ... sadly ... my hair is too obstinate for that. I keep practicing ;-)

  3. i wear my hair in a knot a lot , just love it !!!


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