August 30, 2012

Wedding Weekend!

While you are reading this, my husband & I have traveled to Canada.
We have been invited to attend a wedding of a dear friend of my husband.

I am very much looking forward to the trip, as it also includes a little family time and catching up with a dear friend of mine, who now lives in Canada as well!

As it turns out, this is the second wedding post within a week... & while I have no clue as to the decor of the wedding we are attending, I found these rustic and super pretty table top images to share with you.

PS. I am a big fan of birch trees, so the fact that these logs have made it to the table in such a classy way, well that just made me happy to see!!

Have a festive weekend!


Images via Pinterest (I didn't take down the board, sorry!!)


  1. Hi Natasha!! I love to know you dropped by!
    You´re so cute and lovely. Thank you so much, sweety!

    I wish you a wonderful week!

    Carmen from Sao Paulo - Brazil

  2. Natasha, Hope you had a lovely weekend and wedding. Just getting away is worth it!

  3. What a lovely table setting.
    I love looking at the flowers
    and table setting in weddings
    they are always gorgeous.


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