August 4, 2012

(Australian) House Love!

Quite a while back I saved the image above to my files... 

I pretty much love everything about the photo; the interior, the textures, the layering and the overall composition!! I didn't at the time make a note of who, what, when and where, just too busy starring :) 

Then the other day I came across this image, and something stopped me in my tracks... 
I had seen similar before, but where? Ah ha, the pieces finally came together in this interior shoot. I am really liking the textures, the composition of the rooms and all the natural materials used, what do you think?

Are you in like as well?? Do you love all the different elements and layers? Both inside and out...

The muted washed out colors are great, very soft, but I am digging the brown in the master bath as well. I imagine a bubble bath by candlelight watching all the mosaic tiles shimmer...

... and then it happened again, I forgot to take down the source... I know, I am sorry! 
If you know who the designer / photographer is, please let me know, I will ad to the post immediately!! I believe the home is from Australia.

Have a peaceful weekend,


  1. Very stylish. Love the simple outdoor area.
    Penny x

  2. This is gorgeous Natasha! So much texture and interest in all the spaces :)

    Abbey x

  3. I love all of the textures in this home!


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