August 15, 2013

Mirror, Mirror on the...

Just came across this image of a Venetian mirror, and I just LOVE how it brings sparkle and femininity to an otherwise raw space, filled with natural materials!

... this was the "sister image" and - to me - equally beautiful!

... and that brings me to this mirror at a clients newly finished condo. While the entire space was re-done, a few of my clients "old" things were kept and re-purposed, cleaned or re-upholstered. 
(I just snapped this image with my cell phone, so please no judging on the quality of the image. The shadow-y finish is due to the fact that the image was taken "through" the mirror)

The boarder of the mirror is so beautiful! While I didn't immediately have a plan for the mirror, I just knew I had to keep it. The style was nothing like what I was going for, but sometimes (ok, most often), I find that working in a beautiful old piece, is what gives the space character and life!!

Are you a fan of these mirrors, or have they seen better days??

Image #1 & #2 via Skona Hem, Image #3 NHH for the Northern Light Blog


  1. Allt blir vackert hos Magasin 36. Speglen är helt underbar. Ha en skön helg! Kram Anita

  2. I love the look of old Venetian mirrors! Some of the newer ones or reproductions can be a little *too* sparkly,if being too sparkly is even possible :), but the aged ones with a little foxing are stunning.


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