August 11, 2013

Sunday Reading (on a Monday)

As promised.... & a little late, I have been digging in to this brand new third edition of Niels & Iben Ahlberg's NEW STYLE GENERATION, Nordic Interior Decorating. The Danish version has been out for a while, but here comes the English version for all the rest of the world to enjoy! I am sure you will want to dive right in, once you see these these amazing images...

For those of you who are NSG followers, you might recognize the Luxury Style of Anders Krakau, first featured in GEN.ONE, in this new version. His style is impeccable, his love of Luxury Fabrics is evident, and Anders' eye for display and merchandising is very clear.
I always love a behind-the-scenes-look of how creative people live!

In the new GEN.THREE book for iPad there are super cool features, that allow you to zoom in, enlarge already cropped images for more visual yummy-ness :) ! For example... the image above, in the book, is a tall and slim image, but by working the tech magic, you can enlarge and really take in all the details.. Super cool!! Text is limited - or so it seems - but don't be fooled, you can scroll to get all the info you want...

I have always been a lover of a good vignette, and can find new things I didn't previously notice in almost any image.... and then when you have cool tech options that allow you to get a really amazing closer glimpse... even better!! An other reason you should download this book!!

As in the previous STYLE GENERATION books, there is a large variety of Nordic Interiors to choose from! Dark, masculine and very downtown, to light filled rooms with amazing art and pops of color & design classics...

... to "Simple Vintage" , classic Nordic Style that we have all come to love! Mostly White interiors, punctuated with black, old painted wood furniture and tons of ambiance!!

I am convinced that you will not only appreciate the beautifully photographed homes, all the different styles of interiors, but also the super cool tech features the iBook has to offer! One thing is to have a book in your hands, but when this much attention has been given to technology and how it can enhance the experience for the reader, it's really a win / win situation!!

The MOST exciting part you ask....? You have the opportunity to WIN THIS BOOK, just by commenting below (one chance), follow along on the Northern Light Design FB page (one chance), follow along NSG on FB (one chance).... Just leave me a comment below, and three winners for a free book will be drawn at random, by Monday, August 26, 2013.

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!!

All images curtesy of Niels & Iben Ahlberg.
Thank you for your patience and willingness to supply amazing images for this post! Natasha 

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  1. This book is the stuff of my dreams! Thank you for sharing and making my day beautiful!


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