August 24, 2013

(Sunday) Morning Java

Full disclosure...
I have not been to this Melbourne, Australia, Coffee Shop, have not tasted their coffee, nor their deliciously looking pastries, but I would sure like to!! 
I stumbled upon these images of Market Lane Coffee, while looking for just the right Morning Java image for today's post, and decided to post this little series, hope you enjoy! And if you happen to have been there, do tell; is everything as good as it looks??? Coffee, atmosphere, food?

Since I have not tasted the coffee, this post - for me - is about the interior... I love all the natural light, but the raw wood of the farmhouse community table against the white subway tile, really makes the space feel warm and cozy, don't you want to plop down here to share a cup of java with a friend??? The consistent use of the dark green enamel is equally as appealing to me! The light fixtures throughout as well as the Tolix chairs and fresh snow berry foliage... someone has a good eye for "the little things" and the consistency of color!

Yummy!! Love the mix and match cup and saucer, very relaxing, and I am so happy to NOT see a plastic spoon!! 

Where will you be enjoying your Saturday Morning Java??


All images via Flickr and Pinterest search

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  1. I don't know which looks more delicious; those beautiful pastries or the stack of Penguin classics in the tiled niche! Nice find! Saturday morning (and every morning) coffee at home because no one makes it as delicious as my husband.


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