August 14, 2013

Purple, Plum, Lavender....

So, Yesterday I delivered two chairs to a client, re-purposed and re-upholstered, in purple linen.... I must admit, I was very hard to convince that purple was indeed the color to go with, but the client insisted, so.... PURPLE is was! (I will make sure to share a photo when the project is done)

Well, they came out SO WELL, and the client is super happy with them, in fact she now has me looking at purple in a whole new way! A while back I set up a LOVING PLUM Pinterest board, and I just revisited that board for inspiration, take a peek and let me know your love / hate relationship with this color.


Image via cotedetexas

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  1. absolutely adore lilac.i have upholstered two of my dining room chairs in a pale lilac and the rest of the house has splashes of a deeper shade of purple. it feels amazingly elegant and i cannot begin to tell you how much i love it!!!!


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