August 4, 2013

Sunday Flowers

Yesterday, before the rain set in, I went to the market, with the intend to pick up a bouquet of fresh flowers.... I was thinking pink, but could really have been persuaded to go with "whatever" looked good. I always have a few orchids in my house at all times, I find that not only are they beautiful, but they really last a long time, so for me that's a win-win situation! However, I was at the receiving end of a beautiful bouquet of soft pink Hydrangeas - my favorite - delivered to my door, about two weeks ago, and yesterday was their last day... so, I wanted to replace them. Well, I came home with organic strawberries, heirloom tomatoes, fresh baked cranberry scones and... no flowers! Just was not my day I guess. 

Do you keep fresh flowers in your home? I know from many years of reading the Anna Spiro Blog that she has come under fire from various people, for her constant joy of fresh flowers, and ONLY fresh flowers in her house... I totally get it though, I have been lucky to have grown up with a mom who had a green thumb and we always had fresh flowers on the table, on the night stand and in the bathroom. Unfortunately, the same green thumb did not pass through the genes from my grandmother to my mom to me, so I must buy my fresh cut flowers... Non the less, I truly enjoy selecting them, caring for them & enjoying them for as long as I can!!


PS. Check out the mentioned Hydrangea bouquet and current orchid selection in my home, via  Northern Light Design on Instagram.

Image via tumblr

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