April 24, 2010

Birthday Lunch

I can only imagine how fantastic the table looked.....

Friends and Family gathering today to celebrate my mothers BIG Birthday!!
The birthday lunch being held here, and guests are treated to the customary coffee, tea, beer and "nat mad" at the house before everyone drives back from the celebration.

Wishing I could be there to celebrate and see everyone again, looking forward to visit later in the summer!!

Have a wonderful day, Polly!


Image #1 Aarstiderne
Image #2 Sunday Suppers, styling and photography by Karen Mordechai


  1. Natasha, Love that top image.. the layers of clear glass and black chairs.
    Also thought I'd let you know the foo dogs were from homesense but a long time a go (3 yrs)... I think the equivalent is your homegoods. Good luck! they seem to be becoming more popular though. I saw some more here just this week in a blue porcelain. xo Erica


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