April 20, 2010

Peaceful living

Working in the fast paced, ever changing world of fashion, I am being bombarded with the constantly changing world of colors, fabrics, prints....

When I come home, I would like a calm space, and this apartment in Stockholm, Sweden answers that prayer for me, however, it's a little far to travel for peace and tranquility ;)

Take a look at that small balcony, right off the kitchen, would love to have my morning coffee here!

I have just finished painting the interiors of my own house the palest of pale grey, and all trim work in high gloss bright white. It is all coming together beautifully, and soon my little part of the world will be a cool and calm oasis.....I hope!!

The image below has nothing to do with the apartment above, but I think it's so pretty, works well with the "theme", so I figured I would share it with you.

Remember to enjoy your outdoor space, however small.....

All images via Skona Hem

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