April 19, 2010

House Love

In my mailbox this past Friday was the new Elle Decor, couldn't wait to dive in, but didn't really have time until Sunday afternoon....

I now have a new House Love!

Well, to be fair, not really the house, but the interiors, the location and the view!!
The house belong to Ellen Pompeo and husband, Chris Ivery.

What a great idea to have artwork in the kitchen!

Seem like a big wall too fill, and Sebastiao Salgado black and white image of an Indian train station fits perfectly, even visually extending the room.

On a side note; the antique hexagon terracotta tile were imported just for this house, and are featured in the kitchen, on the terrace and even in the bathroom.

How about the mix of items from so many cultures; Moroccan lantern, Chinese table, African art, Indian fabric for the pillows, Afghan dhurrie, Iron sculpture with prayer beads.... all mixed in a Spanish-style house. I think it all works so beautifully, it comes across to me as sophisticated world traveler, bringing home treasures from far away places, it is what makes this house so interesting!! I would love an afternoon to really explore, what about you?

...I spy a Hermes throw, but what is even more exciting is the Nick Brandt photograph, leaning against the wall! Lately I have been spotting his images in interiors, perhaps an "I spy..."-post at a later time....

The house was decorated by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, and the shoot was styled by Carlos Mota. I say GREAT JOB!!

You inspired me to look for more ethnic accessories, and I hope my home one day will reflect my travels.


Images via Elle Decor

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