April 1, 2010

Next !

So, one of the things that happen when you do a remodel of one room, suddenly what looked OK before, looks like it might need a makeover.... DANGER!!!!!

Now that the kitchen is 90% done, my eyes have been wondering in to the living room.....

I think we need a new book shelve; actually I have already spoken to someone about a built in version ;) and I can't wait till it's done, just wondering how to pay for it... but, all those design books need a home!

And the bedrooms.... looking at so many images from my files, can't quite settle on one style, there are so many great ones. This one is just a bit more traditional than my taste, but pretty non the less!

.....focus, focus!

What happens to the bathrooms? We can't leave them like that, can we..... ?
Thank God, the very first thing we did back when we purchased this house, was redo the guest bath!

I am running out of money fast!!!!


Image #1 Table Tonic Image #2 from my files


  1. that first book case is a delight! x

  2. Gorgeous blog... can't wait to follow and see more. xo Erica



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