March 26, 2010

It's the weekend...

...and since I can't get away, I guess some pretty flowers in the office, a few traveling books for inspiration will have to do the trick.

Had dinner with a very interesting jewelry designer and a friend this evening, talking about places visited, all our very different backgrounds, and it got me in the mood to look for a few new books. More on the fantastic designer in a later post (hi HB)!

Have a great weekend, traveling or not..............


Image via TableTonic


  1. Hi Natasha - thank you! (And I already spotted that, and subsequently added you to my blogroll). Love yours too (and we were both born in Africa!). Mutual admiration. x PS How badly do you want all the books in that gorgeous picture?! Ugh!

  2. I do want them! But first I need a new book shelve, I have run out of room in my office + they need more visibilty in my home I think!
    Thank you for checking in Louise, looking forward to keeping up with Table Tonic!!


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