October 26, 2010

Black & White

Black and white does not have to be stark, dark, cold or any of those negative things!! Check out this beautifully composed bedroom....

The mirror, well, check out an old post here for more on that, but what I really would love to know, is where to get those super cute dog pillows?? Does anyone know?

Very cool texture on the lamp base.... like little tree stumps :)
I have always liked a good tray table, and these do not disappoint!

Why not have a black & white cookie today ;).....


Images via rue


  1. You and I are totally on the same page today! Love it! XX!

  2. beautiful photos- and cheers for rue magazine!

  3. Hi Natasha, I love the lamp stand. I think I have seen them being sold over here. Just my style! Have fun, Lisa

  4. Very nice Natasha - you know I love a b&w combo! I think the room is so much warmer with the green of the foliage, and that little touch of earthy brown thrown in. I like those dog pillows too - might have to paint my own version I think! K xx

  5. Hi, noticed your question and had to reply, you can get the dog pillows at Wayfair.com !

    They are very affordable!


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