October 3, 2010

La Brocante

Finally, I am able to share this great store with you!
Now do you see why I just HAD to come back and check it out... Not just once, not twice, but all of three times, before we were able to enter this FAN.TAS.TIC store... driving from 1/2hr away.... (third time's the charm, as they say, and it held true!!!)

The large french church clock is the owner, Mette Valbjorn's favorite. I almost picked up some of the very reasonably priced ironstone pieces, the rich creamy color and good condition made it hard to resist!

Check out the pretty mirrors leaning up against the wall....

A few religious artifacts were on display, you could even pick up some very pretty, old prayer beads. And who could say no to angle wings...?

To get a better view of these chocolate Tolix chairs, check out this little teaser post, from a few days back....

Great for all you lovers of white!

A little of everything; Garden ornaments, industrial lighting, cool chairs, farmhouse tables, pretty mirrors, ironstone table ware.... I particularly loved all the old glass pieces, but since it would be difficult to carry in the suitcase, I left without!

The owner of La Brocante, is 36 year old Mette Valbjorn; a mother of three young boys. Prior to opening this jewel of a store, Mette and her husband, Ib Skov, were shop owners in the same town, but in a completely different line of business....
While La Brocante the store is a hidden gem, I am happy to say you, too, can shop the faboulous selections, as La Brocante is also on the net (http://www.labrocante.dk/), and if you would like to read an article (in danish) about La Brocante from the local paper, click here.

Happy shopping; Do(n't) spend all your money :)!


All images via La Brocante


  1. Wow!
    You are right to call this store a jewel and a gem, it is truly beautiful and it would have been difficult without at least one special item.
    Thank you for sharing,


  2. It looks amazing! I only wish I could go. :)

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for visiting me! Where exactly is this new store? In America near you? I can't make it out. Love it!!


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