October 12, 2010

Too Pretty!

To pretty not to re-blog!!
(First spotted here, then subsequently here)

I was very tempted to post a whole lot of fantastic images, but I am going to keep it to just a few....


Some of you may recall seeing these images in rue.... if you didn't, what are you waiting for? You will be in for a wonderful surprise!!
Go ahead, take a look ;)

Well, I opened up my blog this morning, and found a post by "Founding Femme" of rue magazine, Crystal Gentilello, where she gives us a house tour of her wonderful apartment. As she will be moving to San Francisco, this post will serve as a reminder to her, and us, of how beautiful a space she has carved out for herself in Chicago.

In Crystals post, she writes; The decidedly feminine space has served as a reminder to me of my independence. How wonderful... I truly hope you will find a space in San Francisco that will give you the same feeling, be cause you are on your way, along with Ms. Sage, to become an even stronger and more independent women! You go girl!!

If you would like to view the entire space, please take the house tour here.


All images via Plush Palate

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