October 21, 2010


I want to congratulate Anna Spiro, of Black & Spiro and the Absolutely Beautiful Things Blog, on the wonderful and exciting news;
She has won an Oscar...... !

Well, not exactly, but she has been included in Andrew Martins new book; Interior Design Review, Featuring the Worlds Leading Designers. This book is like "The Oscars for the Interior Design World" according to the Times.

If you are a regular reader of ABT, you will be familiar with Anna's Friday Flowers Posts. I found this image over at her blog earlier today (yes, I know, it's not Friday...) in her trademark colors; Hot Pink, White and Blue, so fresh and pretty, you can't help but get in a good mood :)

Oh... and did I mention she is also featured in the new Vogue Living??    I can't wait to get my hands on that issue, but it's a little slow coming to Florida, so some time in December maybe..... :)

Congratulations Anna, you deserve all the praise and acknowledgement coming to you!!


Image #1 Via Shelter, Image #2 Via ABT


  1. I so HEART the painting above - blue is such a lovely colour and warm congratulations to the oscar winner indeed;-)

  2. I too enjoy Anna's blog so that is great news. G

  3. Dear Natasha,

    A huge thank you for your lovely email and support. We are all so excited about the Andrew Martin book.

    Thank you for following our journey on my blog.

    All the very best to you...

    Kindest regards,

    Anna Spiro
    Black & Spiro

  4. Just wanted to share with all of you, the little note from Anna.... :)

    Class Act!


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