March 16, 2011

Peacefull vignette.

Is this not a great art wall? As much as I love color, this is a very soothing combo...
What initially got me, was the silver punch-bowl filled to the brim with orchids! It reminded me of the one Anne Fabricius-Bjerre had on her grand piano (here).  Notice how all the frames are different materials, thickness and colors, yet it is a very cohesive look! There is everything framed here; a beautiful kimono (how appropriate), a cartoon character and even a child's drawing, this is definitely an evolving art wall, but when do you stop adding? Do you stop?
Do you have an evolving art wall like this?


PS. Just 3 more days to sign up to win the give-away! :)

Image via Skona Hem (I think....)


  1. Hi Natasha,

    Thank you so very much for your beautiful comment on my blog! I appreciate the support and I am so excited to explore Nothern Light, it looks amazing! I will definitely add you to my blog list (Still working that all out!). Gorgeous pic - got to love neutrals, timeless and my favourite colour wheel xx

  2. Hi Natasha,

    I added myself as a follower to your beautiful blog

    Judy xx

  3. Hi Ladies,
    Thank you for reaching out and leaving a comment, so I know you were here... :)

    Hope you enjoy what you see and read!!

    Welcome to Northern Light


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