March 8, 2011

Un-related beauty

... does that even make sense?
Anyhoooo, just sharing two super pretty detailed shots, hope you think they are as pretty as I do?!

Do you recall this post? Well, as a reader of Northern Light, I am sure you are aware that I have a new found love for Sea Fans! This little saltwater display just made me smile :) The sea urchin and the sand dollar are so pretty, love all the texture and different whites!

Speaking of texture...
Nothing like an old french church candelabra, though I am not sure if they are a little passe or not? That's it for today folks, super busy week, please be patient...

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Image #1 via Rue, Image #2 unknown

1 comment:

  1. Something so beautiful should never be passe! Beautiful photographs - both of them.


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