March 3, 2011

M is for...

... Mauritius!

Come and enjoy this house tour with me, it's a refreshingly calm vibe you get from this house!! The somewhat enclosed warp around porch, gives shade from the sun, while still feeling like you are outside.

As much as I love color, this vacation home is sooo nice, and really well thought through!!! Living in the tropics I know all to well what havoc sun, wind and saltwater can do to your home.... Using weather resistant outdoor furniture "inside", as above, is brilliant!! Look how nice it looks, and you don't even have to worry about color fading, saltwater, sandy feet etc. Even the dining chairs are, shhhh, plastic...

Here the views are what is in focus and the house is kept to a bare minimum of a structure. Polished concrete floors, natural wood beams, cane / rush covered ceilings and NO windows! (Reminds me of my trip to China..)

Hidden from sight are the rolled up hurricane shutters, bare window and door openings keep the air circulating, and if privacy is wanted, roll down the shades and the breeze still comes through!

When closing up the house, these bamboo roller curtains hook right off the wall, no fuss!

Now, when I think of low maintenance, this kind of furniture is exactly what comes to mind! It can be very useful inside, as above,  or if you want, pull the loungers outside...

The accessories are kept to a minimum, and a simple wooden bowl is filled with a shriveled up palm remnant and a branch, a simple glass hurricane filled with sand, and another wooden vessel, and voila.

Eating here would be so wonderful! LOVE the red punch of color from the pitcher!! Notice the roll up shutters, bet you didn't notice them in the other images... ;)

I think these glasses are the only fancy thing about this whole house....

That little tiny bit of red from the pitcher has been carried through to the bedroom. The wood floors have been painted a soft beige, and the walls are muted. Notice how the hardboard and the frames compliment each other.

Imagine waking up to this view, or simply just sipping an afternoon drink here....

Catch your own dinner....

Wait, wait....
I want to come swimming as well!

I am currious to know if you like this house and the pale, earthy colors, or if you prefer the bright colors of this tropical house?

Have a wonderful day!


Images via Vaart Nye Hem

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  1. Oh Natasha - you send me to heaven with these pictures - LOVE it all.
    Happy weekend :)
    A xx


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