March 23, 2011

Arabian Nights

Come on in....
Let's explore this wonderful space in Dubai together. The promise of the beauty that is to come is evident in the beautifully carved door jamb, the plasterwork and the wonderful lanterns! (Expect a modern place, not the typical ornate version!)

A large open courtyard greats you; there is a dining space.....

... and a tiny, tiny little lawn, probably the smallest I have ever seen! I can just envision sitting on the low Moroccan stools with your feet in the cool grass! Well aware that the climate makes it difficult to actually have a lawn in Dubai, I am just wondering out loud how to maintain it...
I mean, do you cut it with clippers, or....? Surely not a lawnmower :)

Wonderful, large terrace extends the living space, and with the daybeds covered, this could indeed be a very cool hangout space! LOVE the pops of orange, it seem to lend itself very well to the desert location!

Perfect way to make your indoor and out door space work together; carry the accent color with you "where ever you go", here the burnt orange has been brought inside.

Full shot of the living area. The black and white artwork on the walls are actually speakers, so surround sound is at it's best visually, don't you think??

Living in the shadow of the Burj Khalifa (worlds tallest building) does not seem too shabby to me, actualy, it's kind of cool :) !

This courtyard is so well designed with lounging and eating areas, with a little greenery to break up the stonework, fantastic lighting! If living in an apartment, what more can you really ask for??

Looks like a totally modern space to me with nods to both local architecture and design, as well as traditional plaster and wood work.

How cool is the dining table, the textured carvings are wonderful! Looks like the top is actually a re-purposed door... Either way, it highlights the Arabian / Moroccan "theme" that's going on in this space... the lanterns, the pipe, the urns, the desert colors.

How can I get to visit?


All images by Gert Skaerlund Andersen via Bo Bedre


  1. I'll carry the bags if you figure out how to go visit! Love the artwork and even better they are speakers.
    ps - also love your monogram in the blog header!

  2. I would like to go if you have room! Pretty nice:)

  3. Ah Dubai, I fell in love with Dubai when I visited February 2010. The images are gorgeous and make me want to go visit again, thanks for sharing!
    P.S You have a beautiful blog!

  4. Yes, the table does look like a door and it is amazing! Lovely place, love the outdoor spaces. xoxo

  5. Morrocan is by far the best theme, you can't go wrong! I'm a huge fan of lanterns, love the images xx

  6. I've never been to Dubai and have been wanting to go for quite some time! This place is beautiful...I love the modern aesthetic and all of those orange pillows!

  7. WONDERFUL pictures!! I really like your blog by the way;)


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