March 1, 2011

I spy...

... a beautiful dusty green!
How soothing is this pretty bedroom, not to mention the beautiful view just outside the open door!

I really like the pretty dusty green of the headboard against the soft gray walls! Notice the pattern in the quilt has the same sage color. Makes you wonder what came first, the bed spread or the painted headboard?? Hmmm....

Well, I think the answer is the fabric came first, and then the paint was mixed (now that you see the color in the kitchen as well), am I right?? Then again, they could just have been lucky with the fabric....
Isn't this a wonderful country kitchen? Love the color of the bench, not a fan of Spanish tile, never was, but they work in this house, grounding the space. Considering this is probably a vacation home, they are super easy to clean, so why not....

Did you notice the tiny little touch of pink in the chandelier?


Images via Nuevo Estilo


  1. Wow .. you have great eyes to notice the little pink bit. I think I kinda like this green/sage colour too.

    Oh, and that Lonny image a few posts back with the cane stool - yes, we had them. Everything old is new again. Except for that linen - that has moved into my no. 1 spot for must-have-right-now items (-:

  2. The pink detail is perfection. I love that green. Just bougt new curtains to my bedroom in that color. Matches my pink and orange cushions perfecly :)

  3. Beautiful colors! The dusty green is stunning. :)

    Wish you a happy Sunday!

    Anette Willemine :)


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