April 11, 2011

Chic Ceramist!

Waylande Gregory...
If you have not heard his name before, you are about to be introduced! Originally from Kansas, he was born in 1905 and past away in 1971... His works have been brought back by his great nephew, Bryan Downey, and are once again available to the public.
Waylande Gregory ceramics are as fresh as ever!!

The vibrant colors, the exotic animals, the use of gold and silver, not to mention the texture of the glaze... WG had a fascination with the vibrant colors and animals of India, and while he never visited India in person, he was able to capture all these exotic animals in his drawings.

There are boxes, trays, plates, vases and bowls...

This particular vase was just used by Cathy Echols, in the resent High Gloss magazine; "Tongue in Chic" page 64/65 and it looks fantastic filled with pink flowers!!

Imagine this beauty on your vanity, a pop of color and the wonderful matte texture combined with the little bit of gold!

Love the graphic black and white box, along with the tiny nest and turquoise eggs...

... Just had to include this plate! For me, this is over the top, I'm not sure I would know what to do with this plate, but it leads me to the last image below...

Take a peak at what is currently on my night stand! My very own Waylande Gregory!

As I wrote a few posts back, I had spotted his works at a local Interior Design Store, and simply had to have a small piece myself! The colors are exquisite and bright, the motifs are a little retro, the green glaze is matte (as I am not a ceramist, I apologize in advance if my terminology is incorrect) and the overall feel is super chic!

Take a tour of the Waylande Gregory website for the complete line, as well as a very interesting background story. He married a countess... in Paris!

Do you share my excitement? Or is this not your style..?


Image #1 - #7 via the Wayland Gregory Studio, Image # 5 via Vogue, Image #8 NHH for Northern Light Blog


  1. Not completely my style but I can certainly appreciate the skill and effort. I do, however, like the pineapple box! Thanks for sharing, great post.

    Suzy xxx

  2. Wow Natasha, these are incredible! They really pack a punch - absolutely delish!

    Angela x

  3. LOoe his work - it's so lovely and colorful.
    Have a great day Natasha.
    A xx

  4. I think they are gorgeous, love the pineapples!



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