April 16, 2011

It's True!

I just had to chime in with my two cents.... :)

I fully agree that Jennifer Lopez is the most beautiful woman!! She looks flawless and pretty, keeps me hooked to AI, just to see what she is wearing, her hair, her make-up... (that and some really talented singers!)

- ok, so I know this is from her Bennifer (ups) days, but still pretty....

J. Lo and twins from the Gucci ad campaign... Looking glam on the beach!

One last image from The Ivy; Casual, relaxed and flawless!

Congrats to Jennifer for being named The Most Beautiful Women in the world!! Anya from Anya Adores Blog also did a little J. Lo post a few days back, check it out :)


All images via Google search


  1. Thanks Natasha - what an amazing post. Totally adorable :O)
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    A xx

  2. Yes!! I agree with you!!! have a nice weekend!!

  3. Natasha,

    I have to agree, and that first image is one of the most beautiful I have seen of her. She has matured so gracefully

    Come over and enter my fashionable Giveaway from The French Basketeer...

    Art by Karena

  4. I agree! Her make-up and skin is so beautiful!

  5. Could not agree more, she is just incredible and also my favourite celeb! Thanks for your support of my blog and online store! Hope your enjoying your weekend xx


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