April 13, 2011

They call me...

... mellow yellow!    Say hello to my new friend!

We are in desperate need of a new sofa (even though Mr. Wonderful is of a different opinion) and I have my eye on this pretty loud and happy version, I just don't know "if I can do it", it's so far from what I have done before, BUT it is a happy couch, don't you think?

PS. I know there is always the possibility of a white slipcover... but after seeing this, it's almost a shame to cover it up!

Image by NHH for Northern Light Blog, Fabric name is Kiawah Pineapple


  1. cute couch..lovely blog! thanks for stopping by my blog!
    cheryl x

  2. love the fabric. so happy and fresh. would you know who is a manufacturer?

  3. Hi Viera, the sofa if from Lee Industries I believe, and the fabric is Kiawh Pineapple... there are a LOT of fabric options, so have some fun, just like here!! Thank you for your comment ;-)!!!

  4. It's gorgeous Natasha! I love the burst of colour and yellow is a happy colour. I also like that fact that you can get a slipcover because I find that I get sick of colour quicker than I do neutrals. You could always have neutral in cold weather and a bright summery yellow for the warmer months. xx


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