April 21, 2011

Happy Easter!

Sharing a cup of tea with all of you, hoping for a peaceful day!

Wrapping this little bowl in fuzzy yarn to create a little nest, is such a cute idea! While looking at this image, I was trying to figure out how the yarn would stay put....
I came up with two answers: Either you use a few double sided tape pieces, so there is something "to stick to", OR you spray the outside of the bowl with adhesive. Might be a little, well, sticky!!
What is your take?


...OK, so they are beautiful, but who really have the time for this?? ... I'm just asking?

SOOOO pretty!! The colors are just perfect.... I can see a whole house decorated in these colors already. Just look to nature for color inspiration, it's all there!

I know, I know, I should have an image of the bright red eggs of Greece, but was unable to come up with a pretty image... Sorry.  + red didn't really go with this post anyhow!

Happy Easter, hope you have a few days off to celebrate!


Image #1- 3 via Martha Stewart (who else?), Image #4 via tumblr, Image #5 via Hviit Blog

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