April 19, 2011

New Blog Love

Originally spotted at Inspired Design, and subsequently here.....

Meet Anh from San Fransisco. Anh is in the medical field by day and a blogger by night... (Well, I actually don't know when she blogs, but that's not really the point :) )

I have just been introduced to Anh via Debby's blog - see link above - and was smitten right away! Check out the 9to5Chic blog for a very, well, CHIC fashion inspired world!! As I am no longer in the fashion industry, I find I am not totally "with it" (I really wasn't back then either, but at least I knew what was "going on"), and now I have found someone very cool to be inspired by!!!!

In my current job, I am in the creative field, so I can be much more casually dressed, but still need to look cool.... before I was in skirts and heels and bows and belts and... you get the point!

Anh, making a gingham dress look super cool! In fact, so cool that Harper's Bazaar featured her in their Fabulous at Every Age feature.

And in the end, if you can rock a Vintage Leopard Coat like this, I say go for it!!!!!!

I became an instant follower of 9to5Chic, totally looking forward to reading more and to see what cool fashion combo are up next. All you fashionistas out there, you need to check out the blog...

I am sure you would want to be Anh's new best friend, once you look through her closet.... :) Enjoy!


All images via 9to5Chic


  1. Ohhhh my. One up on me indeed!
    Thanks Natasha - I think I owe you (another) one!

  2. OH AH - Just too much goodness here! KG x

  3. Super stylish, owe to be this amazingly fabulous in photos :o)


  4. So glad you found her and love her too! Thanks for the mention. Your blog is looking amazing! Have a great Wed., Cutie!! xo

  5. She's adorable! Thanks for sharing....I'm now an official follower.

  6. She is awesome and you are even more awesome for featuring her. Love her style and these pics are wonderful. Going to visit her blog now :)

  7. I just love her style, I love her confidence, and I love her personality (such as I see in the pics). She's a star!!

    Bob Shepherd
    (geezer geek)


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