July 21, 2011

Raw space, raw grace...

Kind of a cool space, no?

I am liking the simplicity a lot!! The clean white walls and painted rafters vs the raw unfinished look of the cement floor and unfinished wall. The large console table in the back with its asymmetric base, is just perfect and visually light enough for the space. The old beat up table and chairs lend just enough patina to the space, and the teal adds just the right amount of cool color to the otherwise monochromatic space... Do you like the lighting? I'm not sure I would have chosen all these different shapes and sizes, but I guess as a whole it works.

Have a wonderful day today!!

Image via A Beautiful Life


  1. oh, i love it! just the right blend of simplicity and personality. moving this month, so definitely soaking up new ideas at the moment, thanks for sharing :)

  2. Gaaah, vilken skön blogg du har!
    Mycket snygg inspiration bjuder du här!

    Hit kommer jag igen!
    kram CC

  3. lovely space...get what you mean about the lights...probably not my choice either. x

  4. Clever space, just the right mix of everything and that colour on the dining chairs is so heavenly.

  5. This is SUPER cool. I love minimalism - sometimes less is more. Plus, the turquoise chairs adds the RIGHT amount of color to the room.


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