September 6, 2010

Shopping; Copenhagen Style

.... one of my usual stops in Copenhagen is the always fantastic Rue Verte! Part Interior Design Store, part Clothing Emporium (with all the right lables!!), part Juice Bar.

In the basment one can find rare, and sometimes odd, but always very cool items for the home; fabrics, blankets, books, lamps, accessories etc.

Pondering how to fit the skull in my luggage.... just kidding!

Upstairs, clothing.... even if the prices are high, it's always worth a look!!

... and we all know shoes are a girls best friend :) !!!

Rumor has it that the world champ in coffee making is working at Cafe Europa.... I will be stopping by for sure! Oh, and it's in the middle of town, so the people watching is GREAT!
Check out their web page here.

The very chic Cafe Victor, is also on my list, perhaps a fancy dinner with Mr. Wonderful, who knows?

Should I be wearing my sneakers (dead give-away of a turist, but oh so comfortable) or my black boots (perhaps too warm) ??
Hmmmm....... I'll keep you posted!


Image #1 - 4 Rue Verte, Image #5 - 6 Flickr, Image #7 - 8 via Google search.


  1. Ooh I love travelling with you, we go to the best places!
    x Felicity

  2. Love your blog! Rue Verte looks like a fun place to shop! xo

  3. Looks & sounds so wonderful, a world away from us very isolated Australians!!

  4. Looks like a lot of treasure to find in there!

  5. What a great place! Thanks for sharing it with us!



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