November 6, 2012


Yes, Ghost pumpkins! I know this post might be a little late in your eyes, but hang in there with me, please! While the good, old, traditional orange variety is what you typically see all around, it's also what I soooo long to replace with this variety!

It could be (ok, I admit this IS the reason) that I go for the visual, the colors and the overall calm feeling that can be created with these beauties... I just love the dusty colors and could probably decorate my entire house in these colors, and be very happy :)

... and we all know where these amazing cut out versions come from, right? 
I wish I had the patience to do this, but for now I will stick to all these images. 

Do you have a preference?? Traditional orange or the white ghost pumpkins? 
This year I also saw a lot of painted pumpkins, did you paint yours?


Image #1 - #4 via, Image #5 Martha Stewart


  1. I'm not really into painted pumpkins but I love both the orange and white pumpkins. The white ones look so classy! x

  2. I think I like the white pumpkins better than the orange but I have never seen white pumpkins in my country.
    x Vicky

  3. I just love that green colour on pumpkins! And so nice that you found my blog all the way from USA! Great!
    Ha a wonderful day.


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