November 24, 2012

Is it too early??

Really, I have tried to stay true to my belief, that Christmas decor and images would not appear in my home - or here on the blog - till December 1st.... BUT as you can see, I have already been looking for great wrapping ideas, and just wanted to share these with you.

While I blogged about these really great Acorn ornaments last year, I find these small, silver ones to be a great "little something" to add to a gift, a little added sparkle. I think it is just as important how you wrap a present, as what is inside. Why go through the trouble of finding the perfect gift, if you are not going to take the time to properly wrap it? Presentation, my friends :)

This year, I have also fallen in love with these creamy white, matte, porcelain Nutcracker ornaments! The fact that they are so understated totally won me over :)

So... I broke my own rule and wrote a little holiday post early... it will be the only early one, I think...

Enjoy your weekend!

Images via West Elm


  1. Så vackra små ekollon i silver! Kram Anita

  2. It's so hard to ignore Christmas. The shops are filled will decorations earlier and earlier each year!

  3. Those decorations are so lovely! and btw after thanksgiving its ok to start putting those decorations out!

  4. Many of us are inspired by the Christmas atmosphere, beautiful ornaments !!


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