November 21, 2012

Shopping: Hudson I Grace, San Fransisco

The newly opened Hudson I Grace on Sacramento Street in San Francisco, is the dream of Monelle Totha and Gary McNatton.  I had the pleasure of meeting Monelle a few years back, when she was VP of Design & Merchandising at Williams-Sonoma HomeI featured Monelle's home here on the blog, check it out.

Creativity at work here... I am struggling with my words... do I call this "good merchandising", "color coordinated" or...? But who knew that a huge pumpkin could be this decorative and actually make you long for an orange cowhide rug at the same time??

The flowers, the flowers... When you do it right, there is nothing more fantastic than a huge amount of the same kind of blooms. These orange tulips would brighten up even the dullest, rainy, grey San Francisco day, don't you agree?? 

Yes, please! I LOVE library tables, I tend to get to this spot, and than I get lost for a little while...

Beautiful white tabletop, exclusive to Hudson I Grace. Elegant & clean lined.

Wonderful linen napkins. With 21 shades to choose from, you are bound to find a shade or two that you will want to take home with you!!

Proprietors and friends; Monelle & Gary.

I know, I know...  I am trying to bribe you to stay a little longer, by "throwing in" the adorable-dog image... but in all fairness, the image was posted on the HG website, and just too cute to pass up! Bet the owner of the puppy is taking her sweet old time browsing, as I am sure you would too :)

Happy Shopping!


PS. Rumor has it that a web shop is in the works, stay tuned...

Image #1, #4 - #8 via Hudson Grace, Image #2 & #3 via APoT


  1. This will definitely be one of my first stops next time I'm in San Fran! Absolutely stunning!!!

  2. Looks so nice, I wouldn't mind spending a few.. hours there!! :D x


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