November 5, 2012

Sunday Flowers (on Monday)

It's no secret that I adore hydrangeas,  so much volume for not a lot of money, such pretty colors and they last so long once cut. The best tip I ever read on how to keep hydrangeas alive and well, came from non other than Martha Stewart... If your blooms start to fall, simply cut a fresh cut on the stem, and submerge the entire flower in cold water, and voila... after an hour or so, it will spring right back! Trust me, it works like a charm :)

Another reason to love hydrangeas are the beautiful dusty colors as above! 
Fall-y & moody colors, don't you think??


Image via Livet Hjemme


  1. I too adore Hydrangeas ! and although I live in an apartment I always have pots of them and even manage to dry some to keep inside for decoration.
    xx Vicky

  2. Vicky, once my friend brought over a potted hydrangea as she knows I love them, but my two cats dug it up! i has soil everywhere (in my White house) so needless to say I stick to the cut-flower variety for now :) LOL, it was such a mess!!!


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