November 26, 2012

New on the Virtual Newsstand... Vol. I

The newest version of on-line magazines comes from Scandinavia - so you just know it has to be cool!! - originating in Iceland, to be exact. With a name like NUDE Home, they are sure to turn some heads, don't you think?

If you can read Icelandic, lot's of cool stuff, but even if you are just able to view the beautiful images, you are in for some great Christmas inspiration in The Holiday Issue!

For those of you not familiar with this kind of Christmas decor... this is an Advent  candle. It is lit every Sunday before the Big Day, starting four Sundays before Christmas. This image is part of the DIY section... so easy to do! Check out the House Tour, non other than Norwegian Nina Holst of Stylizimo has opened her home for the holidays, does not get any more Scandinavian that this :) 

The first issue - The Danish Issue - complete with a shopping guide for Copenhagen, so they had me at Shop CPH :)

The world of Oliver Gustav is beautifully photographed, and with a lighter & brighter vision I might ad. Normally his universe is dark and does not always - in my opinion - look inviting...

My favorite piece is by far Heimili Stilistans!! Check it out starting on page 74. Really great mix of styles, wonderful vignettes, and a guide to "steal" her style :)

Happy exploring!

All images via NUDE Home

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