February 4, 2013

(Monday) Morning Java!

Rise and Shine!
It's a super beautiful day here in South Florida! Sunny, cool (for us), no wind (not even a breeze at this point), no clouds, no dreaded humidity, just PERFECT! 

I feel so fortunate that I can enjoy this weather, really enjoy it :) For as long as I have lived here, I have been working in a job, where this time of year is "crunch time", being that South Florida is a seasonal place for so many northerners, which translates into "busy time" for everyone else, which again means that one is stuck working many extra hours and therefor is unable to truly appreciate why we choose to live in Florida in the first place... hmmmm... Clearly I have been longing for the freedom to truly enjoy what so many come so far to have, and all along I have "it" right here!!

So today, I will be HAPPY and APPRECIATIVE ! 

Image by Hannah Lemholt Photography


  1. SE FELIZ... DISFRUTA DEL MOMENTO... porque ya no vuelve!!!
    Conxita :)

  2. You are the lucky one! You can be here all year round, I'm just a northerne escaping darkness and cold.

  3. Hi
    Please send some nice weather up to NJ.
    Det fryser her og vi har sne.
    God Tirsdag


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