February 22, 2013

It's Island Time...

... well, that little title got me exploring! You see, I have covered the home of India Hicks here on the blog, I have even done a little write-up on her property King's Treat , so when an email landed in my inbox today with the above title, well, I just had to take a tour of the website! Here are a few of my picks, clearly you'll spy a theme... LOL!

I am a sucker for well constructed mood boards! 

... and while I am not particularly a Skull & Cross Bone kinda girl, I do know of Pirates looming those Bahamian waters a long time ago, so this tee has made the cut for that reason :)

Oui, Oui, Oui!! Would LOVE to get my hands on this Cashmere Hoodie. Spending the day at the beach, the sun can get to you and you actually can get quite cold in the evening, so I say Oui to snuggling up in this one.

I thought the write up for this new Bondi Beach Bag was hysterical, I am sure lot's of you moms out there would agree!?

Full well knowing how HOT it gets in the tropics, this Cotton and Silk Cyprian Dress would be a summer stable... Wear as a bikini cover up, as a dress or even with white jeans. 

Going out on the town?  This is my pick for a chic summer clutch!

Can you imagine... waking up to this every day??? I can't remember seeing a more beautiful Sunrise! Can't get enough Island Time? Lean back and take a moment, this little spot will transport you away... for just a few minutes, where ever you are :)

Orange-you glad it's the weekend? Enjoy!!


All images via India Hicks... Pinterest, Website, Blog & FB

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  1. I love mood boards! And islands!
    Some time ago we spent a month in Elbow Cay, the Bahamas. It was gorgeous there.


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