February 11, 2013

Baby Pink, Blush, Softest-of-them-all...

... call it what you want, but how pretty are these images? Isn't funny how you come across colors from time to time that just "stay with you", make an impression?? That's the way I feel about this soft, pretty shade of baby pink. I do not have it in my own home, but I am still drawn to it... Someday maybe :) 

Factor in the elegant India Hicks, in her beautiful Bahamian home, and the color instantly becomes chic and beachy at the same time.

Taking a somewhat retro tile job, to Super Chic Bathroom, with the softest of pink on the walls.

... and haven't we all drooled over this image, originally featured in a Martha Stewart magazine a few years back??

I had the pleasure of visiting the over-the-top cool Soho Beach House in Miami, and instantly fell in love with the wall color in the woman's bathroom (I know, a little odd, considering the rest of the hotel is AMAZING!!), so I snapped this image with my phone :) I remember thinking it was a strange choice of bench, and I kinda still do... What do you think?

What is your favorite pale pink color?? Your go-to shade? How do you use it? 


Image #1 - #3, Image #4 NHH for Northern Light Blog 

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  1. The bench is out of place but the color is beautiful and makes up for it. Also crushing on that mirror.



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