February 12, 2013

Scout's honor.

Don't you just love when you stumble across a "something" that will make your life easier and more enjoyable?? For those of us in the the creative field it can be anything from an interesting color combo, to a new magazine or a new kitchen gadget (this happened to me this holiday season, but that's for another post entirely!) that opens up a whole new world of possibilities... Well, I just came to know The Scout Guide.

If you are traveling in the near future, you should grab on of these City Guides... or all of them for that matter! So far twenty City Guides are available for you to dive into, and they feature everything from Restaurants to Galleries to Clothing and Interior shops, the best of the best. 

When traveling - or even exploring your own city - it's always exciting to "do what the locals do", explore where they shop & know what is good, don't you agree? I am forever asking local shop owners what else to see, where to eat & shop... These guides are written by the very people who would answer those questions!!

You want to go horse back riding in Birmingham? They got you covered...

Need somewhere chic to stay in Charleston? Check out Zero George Street...

I suggest you check them out here before your next flight is booked! If you want a little preview, check out their blogs (one for each destination!), plenty of information!! 
So much to see, so little time... only now, you know where to go and what to see :)

Tell them the Northern Light Blog sent you!


All images via The Scout Guide

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