February 18, 2010

I spy....

....Stripes. Thick black & white stripes.

OK, so at the moment I do not have any stripes in my home, but I am planning on changing that! I have come across so many Black & White striped interiors lately; in magazines, old tear sheets, other blogs and in my files.

I am drawn to the graphic, thick bold stripes....

I have had my eye on this Ikea rug above, since the gorgeous Madeline Weinrib rug is out of my price range.

What is your take? Are the stripes here to stay, or are they done?


Image #1 Nuevo Estilo Image #2 Via Marley & Lockey Image #3 Tine K. Home Image #4 here


  1. Yeah - pretty smart, really.

  2. Yes that Ikea rug is a much, more economic choice :) I too love stripes, though I don't have any in my home. I think it's one of those trends that I enjoy seeing in other interiors, but perhaps not for my own home???

  3. Totally wanting and needing that rug. Have bookmarked. You're the best!


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