February 21, 2010

Sample Sale

So, I mentioned Madeline Weinrib in a post recently, and guess what came in the mail?

A postcard with an invitation to a sample sale! YEAH! Of cause I did not really expect to buy anything, but it does not cost anything to look, right? Right??

Well.......... I found the perfect runner, marked down a thousand percent, I am so happy I went.
Turns out it was a custom colored runner for someone (who wasn't happy with it, I take) so now it ended up with me!

It is the same Greek key pattern as above, only the colors are different. Since it was custom colored, I have been unable to locate an image..... The key motif is white and the body is turquoise-y, on the green side, perfect for my house!


Image #1 & #2 Madeline Weinrib

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