June 9, 2010

Daily inspiration

Where do you get your daily inspiration from??

I admit to loving a good, glossy magazine.
I admit to loving great photography!
I admit to.... nothing else ;)

Still considering myself a novice at blogging, I could spend hours (if only I had the time) reading all kinds of blogs, and often find new and interesting people, artists, photographers etc via my "travels".

It's almost like taking that turn, driving down a road you have not been on before, exploring, discovering... Well, today Caitlin Wilson Design pointed me in the direction of Ashlee Raubach, a photographer from Utah. I am so happy to have visited her site and blog!!

I just could not help but to share these images with you.
How crisp and colorful, you can almost touch the beautiful purple petals...

Who inspires you the most? Where do you look for inspiration?

Perhaps you are lucky to surround your self with creative and inspiring people...
Do tell! Different cultures, different sources of inspiration!


All images Ashlee Raubach


  1. blogs and magazines are equally guilty pleasures and equally evocative sources of inspiration for me. have a lovely weekend!

  2. I agree, I could spend hours discovering new blogs, but unfortunately, I never seem to have the time :(

    I find my inspiration everywhere. On the streets observing good fashion, from other blogs, tv shows, and of course travel! xo


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