June 30, 2010


I very close friend of mine came to visit the other day, and she NEVER arrives empty handed. She brought with her this large, fragrant lavender plant. (Thank you M.E.!)
It looked so great in this corner, but it took me just under two weeks to kill it.......... yep, that's right, I totally over watered it..... Total bummer, but at least I got a picture ;)

Hope you have a wonderful day,


Image NHH for Northern Light Blog


  1. The lavender is lovely what a thoughtful friend. Alas, I know exactly how you feel, I kill plants on a regular basis, either too much love or not enough. I struggle to find the right balance. xx

  2. It was so cute! I have no ability what so ever when it comes to plants, I kill them all.. water them too much, don't water them enough, too much sunshine, not enough sunshine etc etc.

    I'm just hoping it is a skill you learn with age!

    :) Hazel


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