June 16, 2010

Natural sparkle

To continue my "sparkle post" from Monday, I am sharing two images with you of natures sparkle....

Raw Amethyst lamp base (Matthew Studio), looking very dramatic.
Great color in an otherwise dark setting.... notice the title of the book ;)
Details, details, it's all in the details! Even the leaf and the background support the natural "theme".

Another example of amethyst rock crystal. I suspect the stone to the bottom right might actually be for a tea light, but I love how it's used here, to hold jewelery.
Trays are so big, look how two trays are layered here, very unobtrusive, just a little sparkle....

Go dig out that tray you hardly ever use, shine it up, find a few items you love and place it on your night table, or dresser. You will be happy looking at your pretty display every time you go to bed! And imagine; getting up in the morning will be a beautiful experience!

My advise; stick with a theme.
Could be color, could be feel (i.e. natural), could be anything that you think goes together!


Image #1 Matthew Studios, Image #2 Moth Home Via Made by Girl


  1. What a pretty tray and collection. You are so right; the collection in one color keeps it simply beautiful :)

  2. Hi Natasha, just found your lovely blog. What great idea of storing jewelry in that beautiful amethyst! Actually, I think that is what I'm going to do with mine right now. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Have a wonderful weekend. xx


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