June 11, 2010

Snow in June...

I know, I know.... either you like cats or you don't.
Let me introduce you to Snow, he is a rescue, and just the most loving, cuddly, playful and sweet cat you can imagine! And he is so handsome!!

..... but the hair, let me tell you, it's non stop ;)

Have a great Friday!


Image by Moi


  1. I love looking through your blog. I love cats and have two of my own. Snow is very pretty and he looks like he knows it. I also love the fabric on your wingback chair.

  2. Hi Typhanie,
    The fabric is a Hicks fabric, picked up on sale at Calico.. :)

  3. Your Snow looks exactly like my Sugar. His name was also indicative of his nature. He was 15 when he passed last October. I loved seeing Snows picture. Give him a hug from me.

    1. Dear Anonymous,
      Thank you for your kind comment, unfortunately Snow is no longer with us. He passed away very suddenly - and fast - this February.
      He is greatly missed......


  4. Snow was so beautiful! He reminds me very much of a Norwegian Forest Cat. You don;t typically hear of NFC rescues as they are not very common in the US but he look like he could be a brother to my white NFC http://iwcats.com/pfunk_page.htm I'm very sorry to hear that Snow has passed. Take care,


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