June 28, 2010

Hall of Fame

Perhaps it's because I do not have a Hall in my little house, that I am fascinated by how to make one functional and pretty all at the same time..... Perhaps it's because I have been looking for great images for a Hall re-do for a friend (Hi MB!)...

What is your take on these four beauties?


Image #1 via In My Boudoir, Image #2 MAFMB Home, Image #3 Unknown, Image #4 here.


  1. I like them all for different reasons. I love the width and casual feel of the first image, the elegance and repetition of the 2nd. The picture gallery in the 3rd and the vignette and colour in the last! All of them are gorgeous. MD xx

  2. Thankyou for your comment about my weight! Very nice of you!

    The first hallway is fab! Have you seen the whole apartment? Have a look at www.skonahem.se

    Kram Helena

  3. Am just about ready to move into this well-decorated and stylish house. All images reflect the owners style and spirit, but I love the first;-)


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