June 20, 2010

Orange Crush

Totally gorgeous bouquet, just L.O.V.E the orange with a touch of hot pink!

Confession; Just finished an event at my job, theme colors; Orange & Hot Pink....
I am not wearing anymore Hot Pink for a while..... I think ;)

.... unless, of cause, I can get my hand on this beach pareo from Hermes, then I would be finding 117 ways to wear it!

And then there is always a beautiful orange Berkin bag, of which I can only dream !!!!

Have a wonderful week,

Image #1 Quatre Couer, Image #2 Hermes, Image #3 via Stockholm Street Style


  1. Oh Natasha, the flowers are just gorgeous. I would be a very happy girl if I was presented with a boquet like that! I would be even happier if I was presented with that bag! xx

  2. I know, me too.... totally random images, and they would all make me happy!


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