September 13, 2010

Black & White

My vacation is comming to an end and I was just thinking about all the pretty things I have seen! Some new, some old, even antiques....

I had the pleasure of visiting a few of the best antique stores in Copenhagen, and boy, it's really tough not to pick up stuff!!!!! 

Quite frankly I could have filled up a cabinet like this one (almost), and I am sure it would have been a lot of fun styling it..... just a thought :)

In a few days, actually, it will be on our last full day here, my mother & I are planning to visit one last, very cool looking antique store half an hours drive from the house.... Let's see if they are open on this day! We discovered this store while the owner was away in France on a buying trip, hence the store was closed. We re-visited on the next scheduled business day, but to our  my disapointment, the store was closed..... I guess someone was in need of a vacation day. The windows had been re-styled, so my hope is that we will be able to actually enter the store next time we visit... time will tell, and I will keep you posted!

Take care,


Image #1 & #2 Skona Hem


  1. Ah, I adore all things black and white - especially the china in the first photograph.
    The cabinet is very striking indeed. Enjo the final days of your holidays.

  2. Hi Natasha I just found your blog via Ann at My Villa Life - it's delightful! I've joined as a follower and added you to my blogroll. Now to have a peek around! Feel free to drop by at and say hi. J x


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